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This ad wrapper that allows you to leverage different ad providers whilst providing the same simple API. Also allows you to easily integrate mobile ads (via Cordova). Key features:

  • Ads for your mobile web experience
  • Pluggable ad providers
    • Gamedistribution.com
    • IMA3 SDK
    • Cordova (support for AdMob/HeyZap/MoPub/Chartboost)
    • HeyZap for Cordova
  • Integrates nicely into any HTML5 gaming framework
  • Fullscreen ad support
  • Rewarded ad support

Getting Started

First you want to get a fresh copy of the plugin. You can get it from this repo or from npm.

npm install @azerion/h5-ad-wrapper

Next up you'd want to add it to your list of js sources you load into your game:

<script src="path/to/h5-ad-wrapper.min.js"></script>

You could also opt for using the (free) jsdelivr cdn:

<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@azerion/h5-ad-wrapper@latest/build/h5-ad-wrapper.min.js"></script>

And you are done!


First thing you need to do after loading the plugin is attaching a provider to the adManager. h5-ad-wrapper comes pre-compiled with 4 providers for you to choose from:

  • Gamedistribution.com
  • Cocoon.io
  • Cordova HeyZap (wrapping your game with Cordova? Want HeyZap ads? Then this is your provider)


    If you already have an account on Gamedistribution.com you can skip this introduction if not, head on over to gamedistribution.com and sign up for a free account. Once you're signed up you can check out this guide for settings up a game. This is important because this will supply you with a gameId, which you need to supply to the plugin. So when you have your gameId you can start by registering the provider to the plugin:
    // Let's create a new provider, first argument should be the game, second should be the ad tag URL
    var provider = new azsdk.GameDistributionAds(
    game,                                        // Your Phaser game instance
    '2d77cfd4b1e5487d998465c29de195b3'           // Your gameId
    After this it's as easy as calling:


    A provider can use any number of arguments configured in order to make it work, it all depends on the implementation that was made by the developer. For our IMA Provider you can create one like this:
    // Let's create a new provider, first argument should be the game, second should be the ad tag URL
    var provider = new azsdk.Ima3(
    Now all you need to do is request an ad, and add an event listener that is called when the ad is completed/skipped/finished/done playing.
    azsdk.ads.once('onContentResumed', function() {
     // This gets called when the ad is complete
    // Here we request the ad
    You can also send custom parameters by adding them as an object to the showAd function. F.A.Q.

I Don't see any ads!

This can happen, sometimes the provider does something wrong, but most of the time (and when you are testing locally) your ads get blocked from showing. That's right, ads don't show when testing locally. The easiest way to avoid this is by testing your game on a server (online). Another work around would be to adjust your /etc/hosts.

Why don't you support this ad provider!

The setup allows for a multitude of ad providers to work, but sadly we don't have the time and resources to add all of them. That beeing said, this plugin is on GitHub, and you're welcome to shoot in a PR to add a new provider =)


Created with https://github.com/alexjoverm/typescript-library-starter.git


We at Azerion just love playing and creating awesome games. We aren't affiliated with Phaser.io. We just needed some awesome ads in our awesome HTML5 games. Feel free to use it for enhancing your own awesome games! Phaser Ads is distributed under the MIT license. All 3rd party libraries and components are distributed under their respective license terms.



Const adWrapper

adWrapper: H5AdWrapper = new H5AdWrapper()


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